German MP Christine Anderson on the dangers of throwing around the term ‘nazi’ as an insult

The MP had been slandered by Canadian politicians on the left and the right because of baseless claims spread by the left-wing media about her and her party holding extreme views.

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On last night’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra was joined by Christine Anderson, a Member of the European Parliament, to discuss an alarming incident of cancel culture and labelling within conservative circles.

Pierre Pollievre’'s staff had put out a press release denouncing his own MPs, including Leslyn Lewis, for meeting with Christine Anderson and saying she was vile and that her views had no place in Canada. 

Christine explained why she believes that the party treated her this way.

I mean, they don't know the first thing about me, they don't know what I've done. They don't know where I've been and, what I actually fight for and stand for. They just see that I'm questioning the politically desired narrative that I'm calling out the global elites on their despicable agenda, they're trying to push on people and that's what they're actually opposed to. So, they couldn't really very well tell the people, ‘well, we don't want her talking because she's telling the truth and she's exposing a lot of things.’ So they, of course, have to slander me.

She talked about her meeting with Canadian MPs just the day before she was ‘cancelled’ by the Conservative party:

I would have to say we had an extremely lovely time, you know, talking about all kinds of things and at no point was any of the three MPs disgusted at what I said. On the contrary, we were actually agreeing on a lot of things, so I was a little surprised when the next day that statement was put out. But, I'm kind of used to that by now.

Ezra asked Christine about the labelling of political enemies as ‘nazis’ which is so common in Canada:

It's used as an insult in Germany itself, and correct me if I'm wrong because I've done some research, but you would know, being a Nazi supporting Nazism, flying the Swastika, promoting the Nazi philosophy, it's actually a crime. Is that correct?

Christine confirmed that it was.

So my point to mention that is the one thing we know about you is that you could not be a Nazi, you could be 100 other things, but you couldn't be a Nazi because a Nazi couldn't be elected, a Nazi would be in jail in Germany.

Christine also explained the harms of throwing the term ‘nazi’ around so carelessly:

That is what the trivialization of Nazi Germany and Nazis is all about. And Trudeau and the left and right as Nazis, that's how you trivialize the horrific and despicable atrocities the true Nazis inflicted on. I think that's a tactic by the Trudeaus of this world to call everyone a Nazi. And it diminishes the Nazis.

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