Yesterday Justin Trudeau announced vindictive and pointless testing requirements for Canadians who are hoping to return home to Canada.
If you were flying to the Calgary International Airport, which has a unique and Innovative testing program which allows you to reduce your quarantine from 14 days to two days, Trudeau is now making you take a third test before even arriving in Canada.
After covering the demonstration at the Capitol building in Washington D.C., I was made aware that Trudeau had planned to restrict Canadians from repatriation if they did not have a test that was taken 72 hours before the return flight. I was in luck, I had taken a test in Canada and I was within the arbitrary timeline set out by Trudeau. 
Unfortunately, just as I was boarding the connecting flight in Denver, my testing that I had taken in Canada three days prior expired. I, along with hundreds of other Canadians, became stranded in the United States with no clear way to return. 
PCR tests, which Trudeau requires, take three business days to return. They also have to be taken in less than three calendar days before departure. You do the math — it doesn't work.
Canadians were saddled with thousands of dollars of expenses because Trudeau made a careless, unplanned decision. 
Our coverage in Washington D.C. to bring you the other side of the story has gone way over budget now, through no fault of our own.
Trudeau changed the rules on us while I was gone! We don't take bailouts, handouts and subsidies like the mainstream media does. That's why I need your help now to get me home. 
I'm writing this while sitting at baggage claim in the Great Falls Airport, and I'm about to try to convince a rental car company to let me take a car one way across an international border during a pandemic. Wish me luck! 
And if you can chip in a few dollars to help fund my journey back to Canada I would really appreciate it!

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