Global News journalist cries about being attacked — is it just a performance?

Rachel Gilmore was crying in a video posted to social media, claiming she's facing constant threats. Ezra Levant is a skeptic of these crocodile tears.

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Global News reporter Gilmore was an attendee at an event discussing journalism and online hate, where she and a group of other Media Party members patted each other on the back for their hard work in the face of never-ending danger. Now, on the heels of that event, Gilmore published a video on social media yesterday, crying that she is facing constant threats and attacks simply for doing her job. 

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra took a closer look at Gilmore's “evidence” of abuse that she displayed in the video.

Setting aside the one very obvious and legitimate threat — which police are apparently investigating and was sent to her in the summer from a now-banned Twitter account — Gilmore's other examples aren't exactly what she claims they are.

Referring to one of Gilmore's examples that she shared, Ezra said:

One that calls her an insulting name — an old crone. That’s an old-fashioned word for an old and ugly woman. She is not old and ugly, but I get it — it’s an insult. In a long, long ranting email. I get those — maybe 50 a day? Why read it and obsess over it? If you enter the public square, you get heckled — she certainly heckles others in the public square. I wouldn’t call her a crone; but she shows that email while saying someone is trying to silence her voice. Yeah, just delete them and block them.

In another image, there seems to be a reference to a party game played by high-schoolers and college kids, “F---, marry, kill”.

They were talking about the rude party game, Marry, f--k, Kill. That’s a game, typically played by drunk young people being risqué, where one person lists three people and you have to say which you would marry, which you would kill and which you would F-k. Obviously it’s a rude joke. Here’s what the actual email says that she isn’t blocking:

"there really was a wall of photos in the garage and it was like those things you’d see in detective movies with a hierarchy, they used electrical tape to connect lines from the photos. Most of the ones on the top level looked to be non-racialize men but there was a lower tier or c-words.”

It goes on — she’s blocking some of it, but it sounds like a crazy gossipy weird story, told to her by a rambling crazy friend. Talking about things in Victoria, B.C. But the kill part was the game marry f--k kill. That’s a joke. She’s pretending that people who play that game are going to come to kill her.

After looking at her evidence, Ezra came to this conclusion:

She hates conservatives, and she hates when people don’t applaud her. She wants the police to arrest her political enemies, or at least censor them. She’s the girl who cried wolf — don’t you believe her fake tears.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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