GoFundMe won’t fork over $10+ million raised for Freedom Convoy, truckers and supporters outraged

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In 1976, the Steve Miller Band had a hit single with “Take the Money and Run.” Yet, who knew that in 2022 “Take the Money and Run” would be the unofficial anthem for GoFundMe? Well, at least when it comes to those causes GoFundMe doesn’t like for whatever reason.

Indeed, the unthinkable has happened: GoFundMe stated that it will NOT fork over the more than $10 million that was raised for the Freedom Convoy.

Apparently, GoFundMe deems this peaceful protest in Ottawa to be an odious “occupation” as opposed to a demonstration; supposedly those patriots on Parliament Hill who are standing up for rights and freedoms being increasingly eradicated are in reality a bunch of hateful, racist thugs promoting violence and vandalism. Says who? Says Prime Minister Trudeau and the mainstream media, that’s who. So it must be true.

 And get this: in a staggering display of chutzpa, initially, GoFundMe had said if donors don’t make requests for refunds by Feb. 19, then GoFundMe will keep the cash for itself and then donate the money to a charity of its liking! They have since changed their position and have now authorized automatic refunds rather than holding back funds for another organization. Such as... oh, Black Lives Matter, perhaps? Jolly good.

It’s nothing short of egregious that a fundraising conduit such as GoFundMe is increasingly morphing into a cancel culture corporation employing bait-and-switch tactics.

And with GoFundMe withholding money that was supposed to go to the truckers to pay their expenses, this makes for yet another good reason why people have assembled on Parliament Hill in the first place: they are not only sick and tired of getting screwed over by the government, but they are livid that certain corporations are also giving them the shaft.

Talk about deplorable.

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