Government-backed media continues to ignore veteran marching across Canada for freedom

Canadian Armed Forces veteran James Topp has been marching in a peaceful protest to Ottawa to call for an end to government overreach.

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A Canadian Armed Forces Veteran named James Topp has been marching across Canada for over 100 days now, and the legacy media has been close to silent about his journey.

Why? Because Topp has been marching in peaceful protest to call for an end to government overreach and the restoration of freedoms in Canada.

“I feel great” said Topp yesterday, when Rebel News interviewed him on his 114th day of marching close to 4,000kms.

In this report you’ll get to see Topp on the move with a handful of patriots along his side, and hear him discuss his journey so far which began in Vancouver, British Colubmia on February 20, and has brought him currently just east of Sudbury, Ontario. Topp’s final destination is Ottawa’s Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on June 30, but not before first meeting with the Members of Parliament that have accepted his invitation to engage in what he calls “a conversation about the issues which are affecting millions of Canadians” on June 22.

Despite Topp being referred to by some as the “Terry Fox of the freedom movement” the legacy media seems less concerned with informing the public about his impressive march though the Rocky Mountains, across the prairies and beyond, and is narrowly focused on his charges of two counts of conduct to the prejudice of good order and discipline. Topp received the charges after allegedly discussing vaccine mandates while in uniform.

“I felt that this was a severe enough violation morally, ethically, legally, that I should go out and say something” said Topp when explaining why he chose to make a stand. Topp added that just because he wears a uniform it doesn’t mean he has a leash or a collar around his neck. “I’m a human being.”

Despite the minimal coverage of Topp’s march and purpose Topp, praised Canadians like Olympian's Gym owner Jas Brar and others, who have reached out to help Topp and those marching with him to offer accommodations and support along the way.

A special website called has been set up for others wishing to help and to keep up with where the marches are to date.

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