Governor-General set for $200k pay rise as Aussies struggle with cost of living

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese faces backlash over salary increase proposal for the incoming 'woke' dignitary.

Governor-General set for $200k pay rise as Aussies struggle with cost of living
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Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is under fire for proposing a $200,000 salary increase for the incoming Governor-General, raising her pay to $709,000 annually amid a severe cost-of-living crisis.

The proposal, introduced to parliament by the Albanese government on Monday, has sparked widespread criticism.

Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister, Patrick Gorman, defended the move, noting that the incoming Governor-General Samantha Mostyn, lacks additional Commonwealth entitlements, such as a military pension, which were common among her predecessors.

Mostyn's appointment as a left-wing 'climate change and gender equity advocate' has already been the source of controversy in the country.

"It is necessary to set the next Governor-General’s salary at a level appropriate for the duration of this term," Gorman stated.

Nationals MP Keith Pitt condemned the raise as "indefensible," highlighting the struggles of ordinary Australians.

"In the middle of a Labor-induced cost-of-living crisis, this pay rise is obscene and indefensible," Pitt asserted.

Liberal Senator Gerard Rennick echoed these sentiments, questioning the necessity of such a substantial increase.

"The governor-general does a lot of work, too, but it’s a different type of work – you’re not making decisions that affect people’s lives," Rennick said.

Critics have pointed to Albanese's past opposition to similar pay rises. As an MP 20 years ago, he criticised a $1,000 weekly increase for then-Governor-General Michael Jeffery, contrasting it with the minimal wage hikes for low-income workers.

Brian Marlow, president of the Australian Taxpayers' Association, argued that the raise doesn't "pass the pub test" during a financial crisis.

"Labor is out there pretending they care about hardworking Australians meanwhile they are paying overpaid bureaucrats even more," Marlow said.

He also called for the abolition of Governor-General pensions, citing the substantial benefits already provided, including accommodation at Admiralty House and lifelong pensions.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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