Grade 11 student banned from school for the year for ‘bullying’ trans peers by being Catholic

Josh Alexander, a Renfrew Ontario St Joseph's Catholic High School student, was suspended for 20 days in late 2022 for expressing the accepted Catholic view in class and on social media that there are only two genders.

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Josh Alexander organized a protest in defence of girls-only spaces, which resulted in disciplinary action after a mass student walk-out.

Through a lawyer, informed the school of his intentions to maintain his rights to practice his faith and explained he would not be uttering falsehoods that biological sex is a choice. 

Josh was told he could return to classes after the first suspension if he agreed not to "dead name" his trans classmates and refrained from attending two classes with trans students. Josh's lawyer, James Kitchen from Liberty Coalition Canada, at the time, called the dead naming prohibition "compelled speech" and the segregation of Josh from his afternoon classes "repugnant" and "manifestations of religious discrimination. 

Dead naming is jargon used to describe the practice of using a given name - rather than a chosen one- to describe someone who has socially or medically transitioned. 

When Josh tried to attend school on January 9, the young man was issued a trespass notice and issued a second suspension. Josh's appeal of his suspension were denied from being heard by the Renfrew County Catholic School District board. 

Josh was set to return to school on February 6 at the start of the second semester, but when Josh refused to violate his deeply held Catholic religious views from other students attending the Catholic High School, the Catholic school board moved to ban Josh for the rest of the year. 

Josh has since been arrested and released for trespassing and for attempting to attend school. 

To help Josh in his battle against so-called Catholic educators to be able to practice his Catholic faith in his allegedly Catholic school, please visit

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