Greens call for Melbourne Cup 'whip ban' as anti-racing campaigners spring up again

Woke attack on Australia’s biggest horse race by Greens who demand an end to whipping practices following jockey suspension.

Greens call for Melbourne Cup 'whip ban' as anti-racing campaigners spring up again
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The Greens have condemned the Melbourne Cup as a "festival of cruelty," urging organizers to make it whip-free after renowned jockey, Frankie Dettori, faced a 16-day suspension for breaching horse whipping rules.

The party’s Deputy Leader, Mehreen Faruqi, welcomed Dettori's penalty but stressed that eliminating whips was 'just the first step' toward ending the 'suffering' of racing horses.

“The next Melbourne Cup needs to be whip-free; it’s the least we can do to protect these animals from pain,” Faruqi declared.

“Why do we still permit whipping without limits in the final 100 meters? It's horrific. A complete ban on whips isn’t enough; we need to reconsider the entire equestrian sport.”

Faruqi’s call coincides with mounting opposition against the commercial racing sector and growing advocacy for animal rights.

The Melbourne Cup, a focal point of contention, witnessed protests and even led to the unprecedented cancellation of its long-standing parade this year, highlighting the depth of public discontent stirred up by woke activists.

Racing Victoria, despite supporting reduced whip usage, faces pressure to address the broader concerns surrounding the industry.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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