Greens threat to hold government hostage over climate policy

Adam Bandt's move to potentially block new coal and gas projects.

Greens threat to hold government hostage over climate policy
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Greens leader Adam Bandt has warned that he will block key elements of the government’s climate policy if they refuse to guarantee no new coal mines or gas projects will be approved.

The threat means the Greens could vote with the coalition against the Albanese government’s so-called safeguard mechanism that would see big polluters cut emissions by 5 per cent a year.

Bandt said his stance was “an offer not an ultimatum”, but added “the ball is now in the government’s court”.

“This key question of new coal and gas mines is proving to be a sticking point,” he said.

Climate Change Minister Chris Bowen said the government did not have a mandate to rule out new fossil fuel projects.

“We're a government of adults, mature people working in good faith across the parliament, we will get things done,” he said, insisting he could be able to come to a compromise with Bandt.

Bandt has been criticised by the government, industry, and unions, for threatening to skittle the nation’s climate policy.

But Bandt said it would be the government, not the Greens, who would be held accountable by voters if climate change legislation failed to pass.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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