Health agencies misled public on myocarditis occurrence after COVID-19 novel injection vs. natural infection

It was only after the rollout of the novel injections in 2021 that once-trusted health authorities espoused this misleading claim, yet the data remains clear that this was dangerous misinformation.

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Rebel News followed the post-COVID myocarditis occurrences closely throughout 2021 and into 2022.

In this report, we now have data from Statistics Canada to show that incidences of heart disease related deaths did not increase in 2020.

The statistics come as a result of an Order Paper Question brought forward by Conservative MP Ted Falk in late December of 2022.

Falk asked Statistics Canada to breakdown the category of “other causes of death” and detail the causes, using international classification of disease and cause of death codes (ICD).

Heart disease related deaths include ICD codes I00-I09, I11, I13, and I20-I51.

The data spans from 2019 to 2022 for three different age categories – those aged 10 to 14, then 15 to 19, and 20-24. We focused on these age cohorts because 12 to 24 year olds were found to have the highest incidences of myocarditis post-Covid vaccine compared to other demographics.

Note of caution here: the 2021 and 2022 datasets are not complete. StatsCan specifies in their response that “these data represent an underestimation of the total number of deaths, as well as the number of death attributable to selected causes of death.”

In addition, data from 2022 for the province of Manitoba is entirely unavailable. Yukon does not report their data, either.

In the 10 to 14 age category, heart disease related deaths remained steady at five for each year from 2019 -2022. In the same age group, there were 55 “other causes” of death in 2019, 60 in 2020, 65 in 2021 and up to 95 by 2022 – a near doubling from 2019. COVID caused zero deaths in this age group in 2020, which goes up to five COVID-related deaths in 2021, and back down to zero in 2022.

For 15 to 19 year olds, there were 15 heart disease related deaths in 2019 which held steady for 2020, came down to 10 in 2021, and down again to five instances of heart disease related death in this cohort in 2022.

There were 115 “other causes” of death 2019, an increase to 195 in 2020, up again to 225 in 2021 with a whopping 295 cases in 2022 – again more than double what it was in the before times, in 2019. There were zero COVID deaths in this age group in 2020, compared to 10 in 2021, and back down to zero in 2022.

In the 20 to 24 year olds, there were 40 heart disease related deaths in 2019, which went down to 30 in 2020, down even further to 25 in 2021 and is zero thus far for the 2022 data.

The “other causes” captured 255 deaths in this cohort in 2019, which doubled to 500 in 2020, hovered about the same at 495 in 2021, going up once again to 605 in 2022 – a near tripling since 2019. In terms of COVID, there were 10 deaths in this cohort in 2020, 15 in 2021, and back down to 10 in 2022.

This shows that there has been a decline in heart disease related deaths since 2019.

If the claim about post-COVID myocarditis were true, then it’s likely that the opposite would have happened.

Yet it wasn’t until after the rollout of these miraculous products that there was a push to normalize myocarditis as a post-COVID occurrence.

It was five weeks from the time that Health Canada authorized the mRNA products for use in adolescents, for one of Canada’s largest pediatric hospitals, SickKids in Toronto, to publish a FAQ document on myocarditis after COVID-19 vaccination for health care providers.

The document linked to Public Health Ontario’s adverse events following immunization for COVID-19 surveillance report, which shows that there is a greater risk of post-injection myocarditis to young men aged 12 to 24.

It was shortly thereafter that people began connecting the dots – like data analyst Kelly Brown, who was one of the first to blow the whistle on this alarming risk.

It became too difficult for even the mainstream media to ignore, reporting in late June 2021 that SickKids had been seeing “rare” instances of heart inflammation after children received their injections.

Then, on August 6, SickKids released an entire booklet with guidance on myocarditis and pericarditis after mRNA Covid vaccination in children. It included a step-by-step process for clinicians to diagnose and manage this devastating development in children; a group statistically at zero risk of severe outcomes from natural Covid infection.

That did not stop CEO of SickKids, Dr. Ronald Cohn, a few months later, in January of 2022, from refusing to acknowledge how this once rare thing is becoming more prevalent. He confirmed that SickKids had opened a myocarditis clinic and we’re following the children diagnosed closely for the next 1 -2 years, while noting that post-vaccination heart inflammation is very rare.

After a request for clarification was sent to Sick Kids media contact Sarah Warr, she informed Rebel News that the hospital does not have a myocarditis clinic, in direct conflict to Dr. Cohn’s statement, and further reinforced the false claim that myocarditis and pericarditis are far more common after a COVID-19 infection than after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine.

They sourced a defunct Nature journal study that lumped all demographics together, instead of breaking down the data by age and sex, which was the only way to determine that the young male demographic was most at risk of this senseless harm.

When the Nature journal did this age and sex stratification, they found that males under 40 were more at risk of post-vaccination myocarditis than they were post-natural infection.

The very institutions supposed to protect and promote the health and wellbeing of youth were whimsically following the safe and effective line despite clear potential for harm, while the data slowly catches up.

It looks like trusting the experts parroting Big Pharma profiteers came with a price.

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