Heavy-handed approach: David Menzies shares viewer thoughts on Thunder Bay Fight The Fines case

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On this week's episode of Rebel Roundup, host David Menzies recapped his report on the story of Eero and Carol Janzen from Thunder Bay, Ontario who had a run-in with mall security after stopping for a seat inside the mall on a staircase. 

As David described in his report: 

According to the Janzens, a mall security guard yelled at Eero, telling him in no uncertain terms that he was not allowed to sit down anywhere in the mall due to COVID-19 protocols.

Unsurprisingly, you had a lot to say about the story, and David shared some of the responses he got, like this one from Hikaru Midomiya, who said:

Mall security is not allowed to have physical contact with anyone, it's NOT in their jurisdiction! This is 100% illegal and I hope they get sued and arrested!

First of all, all of the allegations have to be proven in a court of law  that hasn't happened yet; but, it does not look good that the mall administration won't even return our phone calls  and we do want to hear their side of the story,” David responded. 

Another viewer, Ross Allen, felt the mall security were overstepping their boundaries as well:

Lol. Security believes they can confiscate cameras. Police need a warrant or subpoena.

“Yes folks, Ross is referring to what happens later in the video when a security guard takes umbrage to us filming in the mall and actually threatens to confiscate our equipment. Good luck on that, and what a happy vibe at the Intercity Shopping Centre these days, eh?” David quipped.

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