Helicopters join the Whistle Stop Rebellion: Cops return to small town diner

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Thursday was the first full day in business for the Whistle Stop Cafe in Mirror after Alberta Health Services (AHS) was granted an immediate injunction against the restaurant, after owner Chris Scott reopened his dining room two weeks ago.

Scott is defying the government closure of dine-in service that was announced December 12, 2020, and he is defying the emergency injunction AHS won against him in Red Deer Court on Wednesday.

Scott faces possible imprisonment if found in contempt of the court order but he, his staff and his customers remain resolute. Scott said he's willing to be a political prisoner to fight for the freedom to sell burgers to a willing community. He's staring down the government and he's not blinking.

I spent the day at the Whistle Stop, where the morning began with a visit from three helicopters flown by people who wanted to support Scott's fight for justice.

If you'd like to help us fund Scott's mounting legal bills, you can donate today at www.FightTheFines.com.

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