High schooler doxed for criticism of Black Lives Matter riots | Vince Dao on Andrew Says #12

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Vince Dao, a political commentator who has been listed as one of Newsweek’s Top 12 Conservative Up-and-Comers, has become a popular conservative social media influencer following online abuse from classmates at his high school, who sought to remove him from a possible valedictorian position.

Dao has spoken out at rallies against discrimination in college applications towards Asian-Americans, who face a tougher grading system than students of other backgrounds. He has also recently come under fire for his defence of sports teams whose branding some have deemed offensive or culturally insensitive, specifically the Kansas City Chiefs.

Exclusive to RebelNews+, Dao discusses his pseudo-progressive secondary profile, where his posts have gone viral for their apparent absurdity whilst remaining believable. One example is a post entitled “Why you should let your girlfriend cheat on you,” which argues that women cheating is actually an act of feminist liberation.

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