Holocaust survivor warns about history repeating itself in North America

Vera Sharav, a Holocaust survivor and president of the Alliance For Human Research Protection, recommends people look at history and recognize the parallels between today and tragic events in the past.

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In today's report, I interview Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav, who went from being herded into a Nazi concentration camp in Ukraine as a child, to advocating for the human rights of others for much of her adult life. Sharav, the founder and president of the Alliance for Human Research Protection (AHRP), has a stark warning for the public when it comes to the extreme measures governments have taken against their citizens during life with COVID-19.

Knowing first hand what it’s like to be dehumanized by the state, Sharav, says the first parallels between COVID-19 measures and the Holocaust she noticed were “the fear mongering and the demonization of a segment of the population.”

Research has shown that not only were the Nazi’s able to use deaths from the 1918 flu pandemic to gain power politically, they also propagandized many Germans into viewing Jewish people, and others persecuted by their regime, as spreaders of diseases like typhus and infestations such as lice.

“That’s exactly the accusation that’s being used against the unvaccinated, that they are the spreaders, which they are not” Sharav said during our interview.

While life with COVID-19 has often been labelled as a “pandemic of the vaccinated”, fully vaccinated people still catch and spread COVID, and are provided little, if any protection from two doses of the widely-injected Pfizer vaccine when it comes the dominant and significantly-less-deadly Omicron strain.

Sharav recommends that the people who have been looking “into history and recognizing parallels to current history” continue to do so, and wishes that “most people would stop obeying” because by being obedient, the people “are allowing the dictators to flourish.”

So what do you think? Are disturbing chapters in history repeating themselves under the guise of COVID-19 prevention? Watch this full interview with Vera Sharav to help consider the answer to that question.

If you have had enough of the vaccine passports and no jab, no pay policies that have been used to segregate and punish Canadians who have not received enough COVID-19 injections to please the state, please join the legal fight against them by donating at FightVaccinePassports.com.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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