Homeless locked out: Hotels full of refugees while Canadians suffer on streets during coronavirus

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We are all enduring hardship in light of the debilitating Wuhan virus.

But surely homeless people have it the worst, be it maintaining social distancing or practicing basic hygiene or just finding a warm place to sleep.

There are around 9,200 homeless people in Toronto alone and Statistics Canada reports that some 235,000 Canadians experience homeless each year.

Meanwhile, thanks to the #coronavirus global pandemic, the hotel industry has been crushed. Many properties are almost completely vacant while others have shut down as it no longer makes fiscal sense to stay open.

So is there perhaps a solution — albeit a temporary one — to the growing number of homeless and the vacant hotels?

How about this:

Putting up the homeless in hotel rooms, which will give them a roof over their heads while allowing them to self-quarantine.

That would make things safer for them and for the rest of society. As for the hotels and motels and the workers these properties employ, surely they could use such a shot in the arm?

But in Justin Trudeau's Canada, not all destitute are treated equally.

Thus, if you are from Nigeria or Haiti or Syria and come into the Canada as an illegal alien at an “irregular” border crossing, you get the red-carpet treatment beginning with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers re-inventing themselves as bellhops. Then there is the free health care, the free dental care, and free accommodation at swank hotels such as the Radisson.

The only quid-pro-quo is for these refugee claimants and asylum seekers to simply show their appreciation to the Liberal Party of Canada — every four years at the ballot box, thank you very much.

But as far as the domestic homeless are concerned, the Trudeau Liberals have little compassion.

These people are invisible. They are forgotten. And much like war veterans, they ask for too much.

And so it is someone who has never contributed to Canada gets a free ride; whereas those Canadians down on their luck... well, they get to freeze in the dark.

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  • By Ezra Levant


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