Horse horror: awful video shows horse being dragged by truck; we went to investigate

The question is this: why would an animal abuser film the crime and then post that video to social media? It doesn’t make sense, so we went to investigate this sad story further.

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Recently, a mysterious and repugnant video surfaced online that shows a beautiful horse being tortured. With ropes around its neck, the horse is being pulled by a truck. Pools of blood can be seen around its hooves. A female voice on the video is heard saying, “Why are you a retard? Why, why, why?”

Then, the camera pans over to the distressed horse’s head. It is equal parts gross, disturbing and downright despicable.

In the aftermath, the Ontario Provincial Police and various animal welfare agencies went into investigation mode. And on Monday, Ontario’s Ministry of the Solicitor General announced that police had charged Solstice Pecile, 23, of the Township of Cavan Monaghan with Causing Distress to an Animal under Sec. 15 (1) of the Provincial Animal Welfare Services Act.

Pecile is scheduled to appear on Jan. 11, 2023, at the Cobourg Provincial Offences Court. If convicted of this charge, she faces a fine of not more than $130,000 or imprisonment of up to two years or both.

On Monday afternoon, we visited the Wishing Stone Farm where this horrific event took place. From a distance, we asked Pecile if she would like to come on camera to give her side of the story. (A sign at the gate stated: “Private property, no trespassing” and we did not venture past the gate.)

Nevertheless, Pecile phoned the police; we have no idea what the crime was being committed.

We spoke to someone in the area of Wishing Stone Farm — who did not want to be identified for fear of reprisal. She claimed that the Pecile family is very difficult to deal with and has a history of causing problems for people who live in the area.

As for Pecile, she is known in the equine community as both a champion competitor and a trainer. In a comment attributed to Pecile on the Wishing Stone Farm website, she states: “I have worked with many different animals my whole life. I have grown up on a horse farm, owning horses of my own; this has ensured I am responsible and great at problem-solving.”

But this story is inexplicable. That cruelty to animals exists is not newsworthy. But the question is this: why would an animal abuser film the crime and then post that video to social media? It doesn’t make sense.

As for the horse, Ezra, she is allegedly back in the hands of her former owner, Emily Reardon.

Reardon has established a GoFundMe campaign for Ezra in which she states: “My name is Emily and I am raising funds to help cover the costs of getting my horse back from a bad situation that involves an ongoing animal cruelty investigation by the OPP. Ezra is only 5 years old and has been through a lot in the last few months and I am so grateful I’ve managed to find her and get her back. She will be getting all the love, attention, and treats she deserves.”

At time of writing almost $5,000 had been raised.

But here is another inexplicable twist to this story: Rebel News and other journalists have reached out to Reardon to see if we could interview her or at least photograph Ezra. Oddly, we have not heard back. This is most curious given that most people behind GoFundMe campaigns welcome publicity as it leads to more donations. Rebel News has also reached out to GoFundMe to confirm that the campaign for Ezra is legitimate; at time of writing, we have yet to hear back.

This story has many unanswered questions and is not over yet. Stay tuned.

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