How do we get Eastern Canada to help with the West? ‘Fractured Nation’ filmmaker Aaron Gunn answers

Aaron tells The Ezra Levant Show why he made his latest documentary, which sheds light on Canada's current political landscape, and how Canadians can unite against the federal government's efforts to centralize power.

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On last night’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra was joined by Aaron Gunn, a Canadian filmmaker whose latest documentary, "Fractured Nation: The Pillaging of Western Canada," sheds light on the untold stories of the nation's current political landscape.

Ezra introduced Aaron:

So many of our best storytellers have left [Canada] and I wish they would stay and fight. And today's special guest could make it in the big time if he went to Hollywood. If he went to New York or LA or London, our next guest would be a huge success. But like you and me, he feels a deep commitment to Canada and he wants to stay and fight, at least that's my assessment of him. You know who I'm talking about. When I say documentary filmmaker, I'm talking about our friend Aaron Gunn.

He asked Aaron what his goal was in making this movie. Aaron answered:

I think my goal was, as it is with all my documentaries, to tell stories and reveal truths that Canadians aren't hearing from anywhere else, or from very few places. And with me as someone who's grown up in BC, I've noticed there's a disconnect in Western Canada.

You see that in everything from the way the country is structurally set up in our Constitution to the corporate welfare you always see going out east, and then most prominently when I really dug into it, the billions of dollars plundered through equalization that go from Western provinces that actually develop their resources to eastern provinces that either don't develop the resources or in some cases actually block attempts at the west to get to get our most precious commodities to overseas markets.

So I thought it was an important story, but it also stems, as you alluded to kind of in the intro as well, with a really deep passion that I actually have for Canada.

Ezra asked him how to get Ontario and Quebec to help with Western Canada rather than push them away. He responded:

The big thing for me, is I think the uniting factor has to be provinces coming together and people in those provinces coming together to push back against the federal government's creeping desire to centralize power. With Quebec who you just mentioned, I think that's where the greatest opportunity lies.

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