Human Rights Commission issues $310k sole-source contract to teach them about pay equity in the workplace

The self-guided learning programs will cover topics such as paying women and men equally for the same job.

Human Rights Commission issues $310k sole-source contract to teach them about pay equity in the workplace
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The contract, awarded to Université TELUQ, requires the development of a 2-3 hour long self-guided learning program for participants to learn at their own pace about providing equal compensation for equal levels of work.

Learners will study such riveting topics as:

  • Determining which job classes are predominantly female and which ones are predominantly male
  • Valuing the work done in each of these job classes
  • Calculating total compensation
  • Comparing compensation to determine if there are differences in compensation between male and female job classes of equal value
  • Determining the number of payments
  • Communicating results
  • Paying salary adjustments
  • Finalizing obligations

The proposed contract is for a period of 10 months, running from May 2, 2022 to March 31, 2023.

The estimated value of the contract, including the option period, is $310,068.

The Canadian Human Rights Commission found itself at the centre of controversy after labelling the imposition of vaccine mandates for travel and in the workplace to be “reasonable limits” on human rights when it's in the interest of public safety.

The Human Rights Commission was also outspoken against the Freedom Convoy which protested vaccine mandates and COVID restrictions in the nation's capital for nearly four weeks, decrying what the commission labelled as symbols of hate and threats.

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