Hundreds converge to Mirror, Alberta, Saturday evening for an Alberta Prosperity Project BBQ.

The small town 1.5 hours South East of Edmonton doubled in size as 500 people attended the APP-hosted event at the Whistlestop Cafe to hear from speakers about how Alberta can best assert the province's independence from Ottawa.

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*This video was filmed on June 25th, before Tamara Lich was subsequently arrested by the police. 

As a special surprise, the Freedom Convoy's own Tamara Lich, and her country cover band, Holy Diesel, played on the main stage after speakers, including APP head honcho, Dr. Dennis Modry, wrapped up.

The APP describes itself as a not-for-profit, non-partisan educational society, uniting all Albertans, businesses, and organizations to protect their interests, freedoms and rights. The event at Mirror is just one of dozens of pro-independence info sessions taking place across the province this summer.

The Whistlestop was the catalyst of the restaurant rebellion in Alberta, when the owner, Chris Scott, re-opened his dining room to customers in defiance of Covid-19 restrictions. Scott was harassed daily by the police and health inspectors.

He had his permits pulled, was issued summonses, had his property seized, and was arrested on contempt of a court order that banned protests as illegal public gatherings.

Scott spent 3 days in a provincial jail. He is being helped through your generous crowdfunded donations to, in partnership with the registered Canadian charity, the Democracy Fund.

Even though the lockdown is over Chris, and other lockdown resisters like him, are still being dragged through the court system where the process is often the punishment.

At the APP event, Scott and other attendees said the only way to prevent more government overreach, as it has been the case in the last two years is for Alberta, and Albertans, to assert independence.

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