“I Am Exempt”: Handing out exemption buttons at anti-lockdown protest in Toronto with David Menzies

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2020’s must-have fashion accessory: the “I Am Exempt” badge!

Hey folks, do you want to ward off — in a polite, albeit nonverbal way — all those overzealous security guards and prying wild Karens demanding to know why you’re not wearing a non-medical mask?

Maybe you have a bona fide medical exemption; maybe you know full well that donning a non-medical mask is perhaps worse than useless; or maybe you just want to live life like the elected elites do.

Be it Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Ontario Premier Doug Ford, Toronto Mayor John Tory or Brampton Mayor Patrick “Crybaby” Brown — you know, the entitled ones who break the same Wuhan virus rules they want the rest of us to follow?

Whatever the case, an “I Am Exempt” button is the best $10 you’ll ever spend during these perverse pandemic times.

Indeed, I ventured into Yonge-Dundas Square on Saturday where #YahooNation was holding its most recent protest. I was carrying a bagful of about 500 badges and was handing them out for free  the badges were paid for by a very generous Rebel News donor.

We felt that the badge giveaway was the least we could do given that Mayor Grinch Tory had just cancelled the Santa Claus Parade due to — you guessed it  the Wuhan virus.

Needless to say, those badges were snapped up in a matter of minutes! But if you missed out on the free badge giveaway, fear not: you can order yours for a 10-spot by visiting MaskExemption.ca

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