I can't believe that China would want the world to see this kind of uprising

On this episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra discusses Justin Trudeau bringing in martial law in Canada, yet saying he supports COVID protesters in China.

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There’s the greatest popular uprising in China since Tienenmen square. It’s unbelievable. Phrased another way, it’s hard to believe, given the censorship and disinformation from that regime.

But it’s also true that a great number of Chinese people have cell phones with cameras on them and there’s just so many people filming so many protests and posting them in such clever ways, it might be impossible for them to be stopped, even by the million or so official censors and thought police in that country.

Remember, China is a basic dictatorship that doesn’t need to worry about rules. Ask Justin Trudeau.

He was the one who invoked martial law and it was Trudeau who just last week said that protests calling for political changes are immoral. Until he tried to correct himself.
I’ve seen different explanations for what sparked these protests. A 'Zero-Covid' policy where whole cities are locked down because of a handful of cases. Remember, Covid these days is really not much more than the common cold — which, by the way, has always been a coronavirus.

But these authoritarians have used 'Zero-Covid' as a way to control everything, anything. To force everyone to constantly test themselves or submit to testing, and be banned or permitted based on their personal health — or at least whatever some “test” said.

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