'I don't believe in right-wing media' — city councillor refuses to speak to Rebel News

A local city councillor compared a noise-emitting device to deter loitering to 'beating the homeless with sticks'.

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Andrew Chapados ventured to the city of Oshawa, Ontario to investigate the recent installation of a noise-emitting device that is meant to deter the homeless and other individuals from loitering underneath a bridge in the city, which has received complaints about vagrancy, crime, and overall uncleanliness.

While activists have claimed it is cruel, those who frequent the area say otherwise.

"I've had to report, myself, to the city a few times about a dead body, the smell of urine... it's working and I think it's pretty good," said one man who lives in the area.

Another woman told Rebel News that she has witnessed homeless people sleeping in her backyard. She also said that she carries around Narcan, a medication that reverses the effects of opioids, to resuscitate people who overdose in the area.

Oshawa City Councillor Brian Nicholson stated that subjecting vulnerable people to an unbearable noise is simply “cruel.” If the city sent in enforcers to beat the homeless with sticks, people would be outraged. “And I see this in the same vein. It’s just not the role of the government to inflict pain.

Rebel News reached out to the city councillor, who responded that he does not have anything to say to Rebel News since he doesn't "believe in right-wing media."

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