If General Motors wants to play games, fine by us. Indeed, let’s play hardball: We just sent The General an invoice for maliciously wasting our time…

'We were told to promptly leave the parking lot or face trespassing charges,' said David. 'Now, that’s rude - especially since no tangible reason was provided as to why we were disinvited in the first place.'

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General Motors sent us a personal invitation on December 4 to attend a press conference taking place at the GM plant in Ingersoll, Ont., slated for the morning of December 5. But when reporter David Menzies and videographer Lincoln Jay went to the Ingersoll plant, the invitation was immediately revoked.

We were told to promptly leave the parking lot or face trespassing charges. Now, that’s rude - especially since no tangible reason was provided as to why we were disinvited (with zero advance notice) in the first place. Given that the press conference featured Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his new best boyfriend, Ontario Premier Doug Ford, we must ponder: did Blackface McGroper and/or Fat Bastard have something to do with Rebel News being deemed media non grata?  

Regardless, enough is enough. GM’s behaviour was akin to breach of contract. So, it is we have sent an invoice to GM to compensate us for our time and expenses. Check out our letter to the GM Canada executive who invited us, Erin Strulovitch (She/Her), Senior Manager, Product Communications Buick GMC and Connected Products and Services. Let’s hope GM pays up; otherwise, we’ll be seeing The General in court…Dear Ms. Strulovitch (She/Her): Good day, I hope you are doing well. Ms. Strulovitch (She/Her), enclosed is an invoice for the time and expenses that were incurred by me and videographer Lincoln Jay on Monday December 5, 2022.  

This is regarding your invitation for us to cover a press conference and plant tour that day. Alas, the invitation that was inexplicably rescinded at the last minute. To recap: on the evening of Sunday, December 4, 2022, you sent me via email a personal invitation to attend GM’s Monday press conference at the GM plant in Ingersoll, Ont. I responded immediately that I would like to take part in that event, and you subsequently send me a confirmation email (at 5:41 p.m. to be precise). 

In your confirmation email, you stated the following: “We are pleased you’ll be joining us for an in-person announcement at CAMI EV Assembly with General Motors executives and federal and provincial government officials.” It was requested that we arrive at the plant prior to 11:15 a.m. for the mandatory security check. We made sure to do so.

Prior to 11 a.m., we joined the lineup of vehicles (presumably other media) at the plant’s checkpoint. When it was our turn to be vetted, a woman with a clipboard told us we were not allowed to take part in the event, even though I showed her a printout of your invitation.  

What followed next was an encounter with a security guard who told us to leave the parking lot immediately or law enforcement would be summoned, and we would be charged with trespassing. I found this threat to be equal parts outrageous and egregious; showing this person that we had an invitation from you to attend meant absolutely nothing to her. 

Ms. Strulovitch (She/Her), as you know, I attempted twice that day to get an explanation from you as to why we were deemed to be persona non grata. You said you didn’t know the reason and it was not your decision; however, you would not tell us who made the decision. I find that most curious. You also hung up the phone – twice – in mid-conversation. 

I found that to be extremely rude. What’s more, between Sunday evening and Monday morning, you had ample opportunity to contact me via email or cellphone to rescind that invitation for whatever reason. 

Instead, you had both my colleague and I drive from the Toronto area to Ingersoll with the expectation that we would take part in a press conference and a plant tour. 

At best, your behaviour was unprofessional; at worst, it was downright vindictive. We are of the opinion that Rebel News should be compensated for the resources that were deployed on that day.

Please note the enclosed invoice and kindly send payment to Rebel News within 30 days. My thanks in advance and all the best, David Menzies Rebel News.

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