“If they're going after the church, you are not exempt”: Neighbours target Pastur Artur's church

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When I spoke with Pastor Artur Pawlowski after his recent release from jail, he shared with me the details of a conversation he shared with a lesbian woman who attended his worship service on Saturday.

Artur told me that he had been approached by a woman who politely asked what he thought about homosexuality.

Artur shared his traditional and biblical beliefs on the matter earnestly, to which the woman replied that she herself was gay. Artur replied that while he might not agree with her lifestyle, he loved her as a human being.

I was fortunate enough to interview the woman who had approached Pastor Artur to discuss this subject as worship was wrapping up on Saturday.

She shared her experiences in the early civil rights movement for those in same-sex relationships, and expressed opposition to the current radicalization and politicization of the LGBT movement.

What upset her most was not the pastor who dared to disagree with her lifestyle while continuing to respect her as a human being, but instead the current battles fought by those who now fly the rainbow flag as she once did.

Pastor Artur had expressed that he loved this woman despite disagreeing with her, but the same unconditional offer of love was nowhere to be found amidst the counter-protesters. 

The woman lamented that her lifelong fight for love and equality has been co-opted by angry and hateful people, insisting that the harassment and discrimination of those who disagree with the LGBT movement was not what she or her friends were fighting for.

They fought for equality. They fought for love.

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  • By Adam Soos

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