“I'm afraid”: Tipsy Cow targeted by Alberta Health Services for staying open

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We first met Deb Clark, the owner of Tipsy Cow in Hanna, when I drove to the Southeastern Alberta town to cover her civil disobedience against the lockdown restrictions on Alberta bars and restaurants.

Deb had received a lockdown ticket and several visits from Alberta Health Services and the local RCMP for reopening her small town bar in an act of economic survival. She was faced with the choice of reopening her bar and breaking the law or staying closed forever. She chose to work and keep her employees on the payroll.

We offered Deb legal help to fight her lockdown ticket through our civil liberties initiative, www.FightTheFines.com, at no cost to her.

Shortly after Deb received her first lockdown ticket Alberta bars and restaurants were allowed to reopen with some restrictions, including capacity limits and limits on when alcohol can be served — because apparently COVID is spread on the necks of beers that are served at 10:05 but not at 9:58! It's science.

The rules don't make any sense and Deb isn't following them. And for that, she's received more harassment, more surveillance and another ticket.

I went back to Hanna to get the full story from Deb and to promise her that we are going to continue help her fight for the survival of her business through www.FightTheFines.com.

If you'd like to help us help Deb and hundreds of other people just like her fight their lockdown tickets in court, please donate today at www.FightTheFines.com.

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