Immunity Test Month #3: Who is more immune? The jabbed or the recovered?

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For the last three months, my friend and I have submitted ourselves to expensive private serology testing to determine which one of us is more immune to COVID-19 and whose immunity remains more resilient over time.

One of us is doubled jabbed and due for a booster; the other one is recovered from a diagnosed COVID-19 infection.

Researchers say those recovered from COVID-19 have stronger and longer-lasting immunity to the virus.

But politicians, health bureaucrats and TV doctors refuse to recognize their naturally acquired post-infection resistance to the illness that is being used to shut down society and limit civil liberties.

With a vaccine passport system in place in Alberta — and one imposed for federally-regulated industries like airlines and trains — my friend and I, although our bloodwork shows we are equally immune to COVID-19, cannot go places together to celebrate our good health.

One of us is part of the privileged medical class and the other one is treated like a second-class citizen for not taking a vaccine they don't need or want, and is blamed for outbreaks, lockdowns, and tyrannical actions of over-reacting politicians.

Three months into our serology testing experiment and nothing has changed. My friend and I have identical antibodies counts, over 250 units per ml of blood, the maximum the Mayo Clinic lab used by Ichor tests for.

The test subjects remain super immune to COVID, but society remains infected with medical discrimination. Let's hope it's not fatal.

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