In aftermath of shooting outside his mansion, Drake asks helicopters to respect sleep schedule

After a security guard was shot outside of his mansion, Drake asked a local news outlet to respect his sleep schedule — and not fly its helicopter over his house until 3 p.m.

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Earlier this month, a security guard keeping watch outside the Toronto mansion owned by rap star Drake was shot.

The guard was rushed to hospital in serious condition. Toronto police continue to investigate. Meanwhile, speculation rages online why this occurred. Does it have anything to do with the longstanding feud between Drake and fellow rapper Kendrick Lamar? It’s a nasty feud that has become increasingly personal — including allegations of pedophilia.

The shooting was a disturbing incident to be sure. Naturally, given Drake’s celebrity, the shooting generated much media attention.

But in the aftermath of this violence outside Drake’s $100 million compound known as “The Embassy”, a bizarre sidebar emerged: Drake took to social media to complain about a helicopter flying over his Bridle Path palace. The whirlybird, which belongs to news channel CP24, was apparently affecting Drake’s… sleep?

Indeed, check out the statement Drake issued on Instagram: “@cp24breaking news can we discuss the chopper flight times over the house cause I won’t lie I’m trying to sleep. Anytime after 3pm works great for me.”

Any time after 3 p.m.? Yikes. Looks like Drake, who grew up on the mean streets of Forrest Hill, is not one to get up at the crack of noon…

Rebel News visited Drake’s palatial estate recently. And we must now formally apologize to the artist for flying our small drone over Casa Drake. After all, it does make the sort of noise that might rival the sonic clamour of a hummingbird in heat.

Indeed, while some might think Drake’s request re: helicopter flyover times is the epitome of chutzpah, we disagree. Drake is special and gifted and super-rich. He’s not like the little people who buy his records (even those little people who might, say, rely on helicopter traffic reports as they try to find uncongested routes in Hogtown in order to get on time for work to, you know, pay the bills and buy Drake’s albums… but we digress.)

Thus, in honour of Drake’s request for silence until after 3 p.m.. we honour this giant with our own rap song entitled, “Give Drake a Break!”:

C’mon CP24, give Drake a break!

Drake trying to sleep – but that chopper sound like an earthquake

That noise be givin’ Drake a headache

Keepin’ Drake wide awake

Yo-yo-yo! Drake ain’t no snake

Drake ain’t on the take

Drake just don’t wanna hear no shake ’n bake

CP24, your whirlybird takes the cake

You forsake Drake

And killing the beauty sleep of Drake – that be a big mistake

It be a heartbreak,

A bellyache

For God’s sake!

Drake is axing you to park that chopper and tell the pilot to jump in the lake

Cause we all talkin’ ’bout Drake Drake Drake

Yo-Yo! Enough about Drake; let’s talk about… DrakeDrakeDrake!

Yo-yo-yo – HA! Homies 10-4!

All we is saying is give Drake a break!

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