Independent scientist discovers poor health outcomes plague vaccinated children more than unvaccinated counterparts

The analysis found an increase in chronic disorders including developmental delays, allergies, ear infections, and gastrointestinal ailments.

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Traditionally vaccinated children were more likely to suffer the effects of chronic disorders, a health outcome analysis has found.

The peer-reviewed analysis was co-authored by Dr. Brian Hooker. Titled, “Analysis of Health outcomes in vaccinated and unvaccinated children: developmental delays, asthma, ear infections and gastrointestinal disorders,” it found a strong relationship between vaccine status and increased incidences of asthma, developmental delays, and ear infections.

Dr. Hooker is a PhD research scientist with a doctorate in biochemical engineering who has devoted the last two decades to vaccine research, specifically the statistical and epidemiological analysis of vaccine injury, after his son regressed developmentally following his routine childhood vaccines.

On why this analysis was important, Dr. Hooker stresses that “there is a law called the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injuries Act, where they’re supposed to study the outcomes of vaccinated versus unvaccinated children every two years and report [those findings back] to congress. I found out that they have never done that report. They have never studied the vaccine schedule as whole.”

In searching for answers when looking at the chronic disorders plaguing North American children – from ADD, ADHD, allergies, autism, and learning delays – Dr. Hooker was “looking at opportunities” where he could analyze “fully, partially and unvaccinated children and look at the outcome to determine where all of these chronic disorders were coming from.”

After Hooker uncovered fraud at the CDC in 2014, he re-analyzed their data specifically as it pertained to the MMR vaccine. “When you looked at the MMR vaccine and the timing of the MMR vaccine, even those children who got it earlier rather than later, you saw a greater propensity to get diagnosed with autism. It was there in black and white.”

On safety data and testing, many people do not realize that vaccine manufacturers only test vaccines against other vaccines. The idea of upholding the gold standard of safety testing, that is in double-blind randomized placebo-controlled trials, is considered “unethical.”

“I honestly believe that the agencies that are performing these studies are afraid of what they would find if they actually had a true placebo control… placebo-controlled studies simply do not exist so we don’t know what would happen,” says Hooker.

He further notes that typically, unvaccinated populations are “denigrated” and “excluded” from these kinds of analysis because of “differences in health-seeking behaviour.” This does not appear to be based on merit as well-baby visits appear routinely done by both parents who do, and do not, vaccinate.

Dr. Hooker says that the CDC could easily conduct a retrospective study. “The CDC has the Vaccine Safety Datalink which is their own private database that has two million children in it – including unvaccinated children – so the CDC has the resources. They could have done the study many years ago but they simply flat out refuse so independent scientists like myself have to do it.”

Further to the above, Hooker reiterates that “there is no reason not to do this except that the agencies and pharmaceutical industry are afraid of what they would find if they actually looked at unvaccinated children.”

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