INHUMAN: China harvests so many organs from prisoners that their airports have “express lines” to ship body parts out of the country

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Quick video — I was talking with David Matas, a senior lawyer and legal scholar in Winnipeg.

He’s an expert on human rights in China — it was his work fifteen years ago that first exposed the shocking truth about China forcibly cutting out human organs from political and religious prisoners, and selling those organs to buyers.

I mean, that’s Josef Mengele, Nazi-type stuff. The main victims back then were the peaceful Chinese sect called the Falun Gong.

So I was talking with Professor Matas about something else, and the subject of China’s new persecution of minorities came up — the forcible internment of more than a million people from an ethnic group called Uyghurs.

They’re Chinese Muslims, mainly in a province called Xinjiang. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Xinjiang, and by my own observations I found them very peaceful and moderate — I didn’t see any burkas or hijabs, the mosques were low-key and beautiful, frankly. I think because they weren’t radicalized by Saudi or Iranian money. It was actually my favourite place in all of China, and it’s startling to see Chinese-looking people but with blue eyes.

And then Professor Matas told me something shocking about the ongoing trade in human body parts. WATCH to see for yourself.

So they’re still doing organ harvesting — literally seizing people, cutting out their organs, leaving them to die, and selling their body parts.

And doing it so much that the airport has a special fast-track lane for people flying those organs to Beijing, Shanghai or even out of the country.

I almost couldn’t believe it but I actually found photographs of those airport lanes where signs say:

"Special Passengers, Human Organ Exportation Lane”.

That’s happening in the world in the year 2020.

We’re doing a special project with Professor Matas. I’ll tell you more about it later. But for now, I just wanted you to know how evil the Communist Party of China is — and how silent the rest of the world is in the face of its evil.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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