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INTERVIEW: Journalist assaulted by controversial trans activist while reporting for Rebel News

Jessica Simpson, formerly known as Jonathan Yaniv, was recently found guilty of assaulting reporter Keean Bexte while he was practicing journalism for Rebel News.

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In today’s report we sit down to interview Counter Signal journalist and former Rebel News reporter Keean Bexte about the conviction of his violent attacker Jessica Simpson, formerly known as Jonathan Yaniv.

Simpson, a controversial self-proclaimed human rights advocate who identifies as a lesbian transgender woman, assaulted Bexte in January 2020 while he was practicing journalism for Rebel News. The brazen attack took place outside of the Surrey Provincial Courthouse where Simpson had to appear due to a prohibited weapons charges.

On May 25, Simpson was found guilty of assaulting Bexte and received the lenient sentence of a conditional discharge with 14 months probation and no criminal record or jail time, despite this being the second criminal offence Simpson was found guilty of committing.

Click here to read what happened in court during the two-day hearing and watch interviews with some who were in attendance on day one of the trial. Watch the video interview above to hear Bexte and I recap the the judge's decision for the lenient sentence and the lack of coverage in the legacy media about a journalist being assaulted by a trans activist.

If you agree that no one, including transgender people, should get off easy for assaulting journalists who report on their many run-ins with the law, please consider donating to help cover the costs for Bexte’s civil suit for being assaulted, David Menzies' civil suit after being struck with a cane by Simpson, and the costs to defend Rebel News for Simpson's civil suit against us at

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