INTERVIEW: Justin Trudeau's brother, Kyle Kemper, on how to do away with government tyranny

Kyle is the former executive director of the Blockchain Association of Canada, and is a self-described Bitcoin evangelist.

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Kyle Kemper, the son of Margaret Trudeau and her second husband, Fred Kemper, loves his brother, but he has very different opinions than the prime minister does about COVID regulations, vaccines, free speech and Canada's financial systems.

He is the former executive director of the Blockchain Association of Canada, and is a self-described Bitcoin evangelist.

He's also the author of a new booklet, CANADAO: How We Return Power to The People. The booklet describes the reasons why he thinks Canadians are primed and ready for broad scale systemic change in the way we do democracy and finances.

Kyle says the redress to the frightening situation unfolding in Canada, wherein the government is forming a bizarre union with the banks, media and big pharma, is something called Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), a form of direct democracy that insulates participants from government overreach and control through an ecosystem that exists outside the tentacles of big, greedy government.

Kyle joins me in an interview we recorded Tuesday morning from San Diego to discuss the convoy for freedom to Ottawa, and how this populist uprising, though it was attacked by authorities, is a reason to be hopeful for real change in Canada.

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