INTERVIEW: Political commentator Aaron Gunn announces bid for B.C. Liberal Party leadership

Gunn says he will ensure the party brings back common sense when it comes to issues that matter to B.C. taxpayers.

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Victoria, British Columbia's Aaron Gunn has officially thrown his hat in the race to be leader of the B.C. Liberals Party — and the NDP isn’t happy about it.

For months the former member of the Canadian Armed Forces turned conservative commentator had been openly considering a run for the leadership position of the B.C. Liberals.

This past Saturday, Gunn made it official.

“I’m tired of watching this province, and this country I might add, continue to head in the wrong direction,” Gunn stated during a lively speech announcing his candidacy.

Gunn says he will ensure the party brings back common sense when it comes to issues that matter to B.C. taxpayers.

Issues like defending free speech, unaffordable housing, pipeline blockades — and Gunn’s personal favourite, abolishing the province's insurance monopoly through I.C.B.C — were some of the many areas Gunn promises to bring forth change in.

Unlike the approximately 80 people in attendance that were excited to hear Gunn's announcement, the B.C. NDP seems eager to squash support for Gunn.

The party released a statement on their website the day before his scheduled announcement accusing Gunn of expressing “harmful views” and that he would “make space for anti-2SLGBTQ+ views” in the B.C. Liberal Party.

I interviewed Aaron Gunn and some of his supporters about such claims and their hopes for the province's political future.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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