INTERVIEW: UWO engineering student arrested AGAIN for being on campus without proof of vax

In this interview we share exclusive footage of Harry Wade's fourth arrest — the one that finds him charged criminally.

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Prior to his expulsion, Harry Wade was a second year engineering student at the University of Western in London, Ontario.

His classroom arrest(s) went viral in November when he was barred from the institution that he pays to attend for his questioning of mandates that are questionably justified.

Having been cuffed and later dragged out of his classroom by special constables doing the dirty work of the COVID regime, Harry now faces criminal charges for taking a moral stand against the indiscriminate vaccination and mask mandate policies at his former place of learning.

In this interview we share exclusive footage of Harry’s fourth arrest, the one that finds him charged criminally. Harry shares why he could not be seen as being complicit in his arrest and demanded to either be carried or handcuffed when being placed under formal arrest.

I get his perspective on why he believes students sat idly by and watched him be frog marched out of class and, later, off of campus. We discuss how students are too scared to voice opinions that may go against the mainstream narrative for fear of institutional reprimand and being graded poorly.

In the end, Harry is left wondering if the crown will make an example out of him or dismiss the questionably justified charge?

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  • By Ezra Levant

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