Iran, Pakistan and Khalistan in Canada: Foreign agendas are playing out in Parliament

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Happy New Year! I’m sure most of you spent New Year’s in your home with family, while our politicians were vacationing abroad after scolding us to stay home, the vaccine remaining in the freezer while our seniors continue to die.

Our politicians are asleep at the wheel for more than one reason. Meanwhile, there is an international turf war underway in Canada, which they refuse to acknowledge.

If you recall, in December 2017 the Jewish philanthropist couple, Honey and Barry Sherman, were found dead in their Toronto home. Police at first said there was no foul play. It was only after the rest of the Sherman family and the Jewish community lobbied long and hard, that any in-depth analysis was undertaken and a forensic pathologist hired by the couple's family ruled that their deaths were a double murder.

Last year, two Iranians mysteriously died, and police said there was nothing suspicious about it. Iranian activists in Canada believe this was the work of the IRGC — the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corp.

In December, Karima Baloch, a young activist from Pakistan, died in Toronto and police said they did not believe there to be any suspicious circumstances. However, Ms. Baloch had recently received anonymous threats warning that someone would send her a “Christmas gift” and “teach her a lesson”. The Baloch Human Rights Council of Canada rejects the findings of the Toronto police that Karima killed herself and have demanded an independent inquiry into her death.

Law enforcement likes to deal with cut and dry textbook cases, a bit like when we played ‘cops and robbers’ as kids. They don’t like a complicated scenario, so I’ll tell you what the scenario is.

  • IRGC involvement in Canada
  • ISI (Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence) presence in Canada
  • The Khalistan (Sikh separatist) movement in Canada

Politicians go by lobbies.

If you look at the current structure of Canadian politicians, you will easily figure out that certain politicians are not really concerned about Canadian issues, but choose to be dictated to by the IRGC, ISI and other countries’ agendas playing out in our Parliament.

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  • By Raheel Raza

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