Irish citizens clash with police over plan to house over 100 migrants in small town

'They charged at the people and the people started to push back. There were people knocked down, there were people pepper-sprayed,' explained Gript journalist Fatima Gunning.

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Gript journalist Fatima Gunning joined the show to shed light on ongoing protests in Ireland against mass immigration.

Gunning explained how the government initially had plans to move over 100 migrants into the small Irish town of Newtownmountkennedy, a place lacking the necessary infrastructure to support that number of asylum seekers. 60 migrants have reportedly already arrived.

Residents have been protesting the government's plan, and demonstrators ended up clashing with police last week.

Speaking about the protest, Gunning said there were "50 fully suited out, shields, helmets, jack boots, batons, pepper-spray, riot police" deployed to the area.

"There was pepper-spray flying everywhere. I saw people knocked to the ground. There was a lady screaming, 'That's my brother! That's my brother!' They kept pushing up the road further and further."

It is believed the government never consulted locals on the matter, leading to anger from many of the residents.

Gunning went on to describe her experience at the protest, explaining that "While I was retreating back, one of the public order unit came up to me and pepper-sprayed me in the face."

"The side of my face was burning. There was a spot that got on my eyelid that was burning. It was on my neck, it was all over my hands. My hands were burning all night. But luckily, by some miracle it didn't get straight into my eyeballs," she said.

By the end of 2024, Ireland is expected to have a record number of asylum claims, with the number being pegged at 20,000 if current trends continue.

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