Is Canada a country, or a corporation? Lawyer debunks myth of Hudson's Bay Charter of 1670

Criminal defence and human rights lawyer Nicholas Wansbutter explains how this notion that Canada is a corporation and not a real country has become misconstrued and misrepresented.

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Federally, Canada continues down a path of mandate-riddled totalitarian group think. From medical apartheid, to indiscriminate mask requirements, to government surveillance apps, everyday Canadians are increasingly concerned that we will never see justice for the harms that continue to be caused by these policies.

And many are being carried down a controversial rabbit hole with a notion that Canada is a corporation and not an actual country.

So much so that criminal defence and human rights lawyer, Nicholas Wansbutter, decided to post an short video
debunking the claim. As the host of a YouTube channel called Don’t Talk TV, Wansbutter aims to disseminate legal information, education, and clarification on the principles and applications of Canadian criminal law with an emphasis on educating Canadians on the basics of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The concept appears to use the Charter that incorporated the Hudson’s Bay Company in 1670 to legitimize the claim that Canada is a service corporation.

“Originally the Hudson’s Bay company was granted a Charter by the King of England to control a huge section of what is now Canada. That was a corporation and the Hudson’s Bay company was given a lot of powers that a government might normally have. They had their own police force, the ability to operate courts, and that Charter was originally granted in ‘perpetuity,’” explains Wansbutter, “and some people have latched onto that.”

Referring to his original video on the subject, Wansbutter reiterates that the Hudson’s Bay Charter was “clearly rescinded.” Providing proof of that, Wansbutter refers to that Charter being “dissolved by an Act of Parliament, by Queen Victoria.”

“Anyone can break a contract on mutual consent or other certain conditions,” continues Wansbutter. “The Crown actually paid a large sum of money to the Hudson’s Bay Company to buy back the territories that they had been given to control. Section 58 of the Constitution Act 1982 says that ‘this Act shall come into force on a date to be fixed by proclamation issued by the Queen or the Government General under the Great Seal of Canada.’ That date was fixed and you can find photos and videos online of the Queen signing this and it being proclaimed so in my view it’s beyond debate that this has actually been proclaimed.”

Expressing concern over people “who are in favour of very legitimate things — our very most basic freedoms and rights” — Wansbutter doesn’t want those who incorrectly believe Canada is a corporation to be “easily cast aside or shown to be imprudent” if they hold this idea.

Additionally, people can find themselves in great legal trouble by ignoring the laws of the country. “In practice, if you ignore the laws of Canada, you will eventually get arrested,” Wansbutter proclaims.

Canadians want explanations and solutions. It’s normal. It’s nature. But going about it with sketchy interpretations of centuries old treaties and statutes can come with hefty repercussions that seems to hinder, instead of enhance, justice.

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