Is Kerry Luc Lemieux transitioning into a woman – or is he pranking the HDSB?

Still, if this is indeed an elaborate stunt against wokeism in our schools, then perhaps Mr. Lemieux is more of a hero than a villain?

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This just in regarding Mr. Kerry Luc Lemieux, a.k.a., Ms. Kayla Lemieux, that teacher at Oakville Trafalgar High School who is now conducting shop classes while sporting enormous fake breasts: could it be that Mr. Lemieux is not truly transitioning into a woman, but rather, is exacting a measure of revenge against the uber-woke educrats employed at the Halton District School Board?

Consider this recent post on social media sent along to me by my west coast colleague Alex – which may or may not be true: “This dude is gaming the system. An anon here yesterday was in this dude’s class. This teacher was almost fired for ‘toxic’ masculinity last year, as well as not embracing woke culture. He’d drop red pills to his class, such as how silly gender-neutral bathrooms are. The school board hate him. He’s now upping the ante to exploit the very clown world the school and society itself created. His long game is most likely to get fired and then sue for discrimination. There is no other explanation… no better way to troll clown world than to be an over-the-top caricature of a woman.”

There’s no way to prove this information is true. We did reach out via email to Mr. Lemieux, but he has yet to respond. Besides, if it is a prank, why would he out himself?

But for what it’s worth, it sounds entirely plausible that this is a prank. Indeed, if it is a matter of fact that Mr. Lemieux ran afoul of the HDSB over so-called “toxic masculinity”, what a brilliantly devious way to exact a measure of revenge by becoming an over-the-top female caricature under the guise that he’s transitioning into a woman. Transgenderism is a sacred cow for those on the woke left; to even question the issue is an act of “transphobia.”

Secondly, Mr. Lemieux is a shop teacher. He works with his hands, he builds things. He’s not some artsy-fartsy useless gender studies professor. It just strikes me that someone who is part of the blue-collar demographic might not necessarily be down with the revolution vis-a-vis radical transgenderism and toxic masculinity.

Third, consider how he is routinely breaching workshop safety etiquette – i.e., those pendulous breasts protruding so close to circular saws, the wearing of long sleeves, the hair flowing freely, etc. He knows this is offside; so it’s almost as if he wants to have a showdown with his school board masters given that they have no issue when it comes to his freakish costumes and enormous fake boobs.

Finally, if Lemieux was transitioning in a genuine fashion, why would he (or anyone else for that matter) make such a grotesque spectacle of it? I imagine most trans people simply want to blend in with the other gender and not draw an inordinate amount of attention to themselves by dressing up as an over-the-top drag queen – which is what Mr. Lemieux is doing.

Thus, I’m personally betting this is an elaborate prank designed to take the piss out of the HDSB. And if that is not the case, my only other theory is that Mr. Lemieux is mentally ill and that he should receive psychiatric treatment ASAP.

Still, if this is indeed an elaborate stunt against wokeism in our schools, then perhaps Mr. Lemieux is more of a hero than a villain? For he has exposed how ludicrous the HDSB is when it comes to accommodating radical transgenderism. That’s because the HDSB isn’t accommodating a trans teacher – no, they are accommodating a practical joker. And the joke’s on them.

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