Is there now a heaping helpin’ of antisemitism on the menu at Paramount Fine Foods? Some social media posts would seem to indicate that this is indeed the case

Paramount’s CEO, Mohamad Fakih, is now embroiled in a raging controversy regarding some recent tweets that many observers deem to be anti-Jewish or anti-Israel.

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Paramount Fine Foods restaurants are well known for delicious edibles ranging from the BBQ kafta platter and lentil soup to tabouli salad.

But is there another somewhat unsavory dish on the menu these days – namely, antisemitism?

Paramount’s CEO, Mohamad Fakih, is now embroiled in a raging controversy regarding some recent tweets that many observers deem to be anti-Jewish or anti-Israel.

One tweet reads: “We don’t want your money. Please don’t bring us blood money.”

Another tweet states: “We don’t need your money. Our clients are respectful families from all backgrounds. We welcome everyone but not the one that supports baby killers and governments that are starving innocent civilians.”

Questions arise, such as: who authored these tweets? Who was the intended audience? Who exactly is the “you” in these statements – a specific person or a group of people? And if there is nothing wrong with these tweets, why were some deleted?

Certainly, what Mr. Fakih has been stating in mainstream media interviews has been confusing at best. Fakih was interviewed live by John Moore on Toronto radio station Newstalk 1010 recently. Fakih’s statements were equal parts rambling, nonsensical, and at times, unhinged.

Rebel News reached out to Fakih. We had a brief conversation, but Fakih said he was very busy. He promised to get back to us right away, but never did. We left a voicemail, sent an email, texted him, and even paid a visit to Paramount’s corporate office in west end Toronto (we were be told he was out of the office and unavailable for an interview.)

So it was that we texted Fakih 12 specific questions (to date, these queries remain unanswered.) Here are the questions we’d really like to get answered:

1. Were you [Fakih] the author of this tweet?

2. Earlier today, I heard you interviewed by John Moore on Newstalk 1010 and you made the following statement: “This tweet was deleted actually one second after because the person that actually typed it in our company is actually did not type it right.” If this is indeed a matter of fact, who authored this tweet and what was his motivation?

3. Many people say this tweet is directed at the Jewish community. Were Jews the intended audience?

4. You have stated that the real audience was one person as opposed to the entire Jewish community. Is that accurate and what is the name of that individual?

5. Having said that, I am somewhat confused. First you said the tweet was not intended for the Jewish community and then you said it wasn’t even written by you. Which is it?

6. If there was nothing antisemitic about the tweet, why was it deleted?

7. During the radio interview, you bemoaned cancel culture regarding the calls by some to boycott your restaurant chain. Yet, weren’t you calling for the cancellation of Don Cherry for his allegedly controversial remarks on Coach’s Corner back in 2019? Why do you seem to be pro-free speech advocate now?

8. In the radio interview, you also claimed someone threatened to rape your daughter. Then you said the target of the rape was your wife. Who was the target and have you contacted the police?

9. There are calls for you to surrender your Order of Canada. Do you plan to do so?

10. What is your opinion regarding the following organizations: Hamas, the Palestine Liberation Front, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine?

11. In your Newstalk 1010 radio interview, you stated “putting the prophet Mohammed in a cart with a donkey.” What is the context of this statement? Is this perhaps in regard to an illustration someone sent you? Do you consider such a cartoon to be blasphemous, and if so, would you like the person charged?

12. There is an allegation online that you happen to be from the same small village in south Lebanon that is home to Imad Mughniyeh, the former Hezbollah Chief Commander. Is this true?

Again, at time of posting, we have yet to receive any response from Fakih.

Bottom line: on the home page of Paramount’s website, the following statement is displayed: “We’re taking care to make everyone safe.”

That’s a nice sentiment, but given the inflammatory tweets emanating out of Paramount Fine Foods – regardless of who authored them – we must ponder: do members of the Jewish community truly feel safe patronizing these restaurants?

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