Israeli security expert warns of escalating threat from Hezbollah as part of a multi-front attack

Amid escalating tensions in Israel, Lt Col. Sarit Zehavi, an expert in the region's security challenges, paints a dire picture of the situation.

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In the midst of a turbulent landscape in northern Israel, where the threat of battle looms large, Lt Col. Sarin Zehavi, an expert on the nation's security challenges, has issued a chilling warning.

In an exclusive interview, Zehavi revealed to me the alarming realities of the escalating conflict in the region.

Zehavi, the President and Founder of Alma Research and Education Center and a former colonel in the reserves, provided a grim assessment of the situation.

Hezbollah and Iran, she explained, are executing a meticulously planned multi-front campaign against Israel.

The conflict, which began with a surprise attack out of Gaza, has now spread to the north, with militants launching frequent attacks, including rocket and missile strikes, UAV infiltrations, and anti-tank missile attacks on IDF bases.

The northern border has become a battleground, with communities evacuated, leaving the area resembling a hot war zone.

Despite Israel's preparedness and the presence of IDF forces, Zehavi expressed concerns about the relentless attacks orchestrated by Hezbollah.

She underscored the existential threat posed by Iran, emphasising that this conflict transcends regional boundaries.

According to Zehavi, this is a battle between Western values and radical ideologies, with Iran at the helm, spreading a 'Nazi-like' ideology that disregards human life.

When questioned about calls for de-escalation, Zehavi was resolute: Israel's mission is not one of revenge or occupation but self-defence.

She challenged the world to comprehend the gravity of the situation, drawing parallels to World War II and questioning the logic of halting a necessary conflict halfway, potentially leaving millions under the threat of extremists.

As the world watches, Israel stands at a crossroads, battling not just for its existence but for the values that underpin the Western world.

The conflict's resolution remains uncertain, but Zehavi's words serve as a stark reminder of the high stakes and the need for global awareness.

For more in-depth analysis and updates, visit, a platform dedicated to disseminating accurate information about the ongoing crisis.

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