Israeli Special Forces hero has a warning for Hamas terrorists in exclusive interview with Avi Yemini

Officer who came face-to-face with Hamas terrorists on October 7, shares his story with Rebel reporter in Sderot.

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The echoes of a brutal attack still linger in Sderot, southern Israel, where I met with a member of the Israeli special forces police unit, who recounted the intense struggle to reclaim the town from the clutches of Hamas terrorists.

The officer, whose identity we protect for security reasons, described the heroic efforts undertaken on that fateful day of October 7.

At 6:30 in the morning, authorities received a distress call about an imminent invasion. Racing against time, they sped towards Sderot, only to face two RPG attacks en route, narrowly escaping death.

Undeterred, they pressed on, arriving at the scene where a group of terrorists had breached the local police station.

Encountering around 20 terrorists, the special forces engaged in a fierce firefight. Amid the chaos, they pursued two terrorists fleeing towards the train station, navigating through dense bushes.

The officer vividly recalled the tension of the chase, describing the perilous encounter that ensued. 

The officer sadly reflected on the horrors he witnessed, reminiscent of World War Two atrocities. He spoke of innocent lives lost, including children and pregnant women, painting a devastating picture of the reality faced by the people of Israel.

Addressing global skepticism about the severity of the situation, the officer urged skeptics to witness the aftermath firsthand, dismissing media bias as anti-Semitic.

He vehemently stated that their fight was against Hamas, not the Palestinian people, emphasising the terrorist organization's use of civilians as human shields.

When questioned about the criticism regarding Israel's actions, the officer defended their mission.

As the conversation drew to a close, the officer expressed concern about the future but maintained unwavering determination. He underscored the imperative of eliminating Hamas to ensure the safety and normalcy of Israeli lives, particularly for the next generation.

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