It would appear that the rugby season for the Fergus Highlanders so-called 'women’s team' has come to a premature end

Fret not, sports fans, because at least one team isn’t putting up with his shenanigans any longer.

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We say so-called women’s team because not all the women on the squad are females. Indeed, these Fergus cheaters literally have a bio weapon on the roster in the form of a biological male, Ash Davis.

He tends to injure biological women out on the field; maybe he has a fetish, maybe he is a misogynist. Who knows? But he has the means to injure, that’s for sure. After all, Ash was voted the hardest hitter on the Fergus men’s team last year. He accepted his award clad in a blue dress and brandishing a cricket bat. What a weirdo…

However, Ash’s teammates think having a man on their squad is a jolly good example of diversity – even though this goes against the rules of World Rugby, the sport’s international governing body.

But fret not, sports fans, because at least one team isn’t putting up with his shenanigans any longer.

You see, on Saturday, the Fergus Highlanders were to take on the Niagara Wasps in the consolation women’s final. Yeah, the consolation final… apparently the Highlanders didn’t have enough men on their roster to make it the actual real final. Poor babies. Hey, as they say in Leaf-land, “There’s always next year...”

But get this: the game will NOT be going ahead after all. The reason for the cancellation? Take a bow, Mr. Ash Davis, you gender-bending grifter.

A source reached out to us noting that the head honcho of the Niagara Rugby Union, Chris Hodgson, has indeed pulled the plug on the game. Our source had a conversation with Mr. Hodgson, who allegedly said the following: "I don’t think any reasonable adult would think that [females playing against a male] would be a good idea…it’s not a matter of inclusivity, but rather a matter of player safety and well being… not to mention sportsmanship."

We have reached out to Mr. Hodgson for a one-on-one interview; that’s because we need more Chris Hodgsons. For he is a brave man doing the right thing. He will no doubt be branded as a “transphobe” by the woke and hysterical women who play on the Fergus side. But he is the voice of reason, and he is adhering to the rules of World Rugby.

And what a stunning contrast to the bully that is Josh Windsor, the president of the Waterloo County Rugby Club. Check out his written warning – yes, warning – that Windsor sent out the female members of the Waterloo rugby team just prior to their game against Fergus on July 29. “Any act or behaviour that is deemed to be discriminatory and in contravention to these laws and polices may result in immediate expulsion from the Waterloo County Rugby Club. Any act or behaviour that is deemed to be motivated by hate will be reported to the Police.”

Can you believe it? This misogynist was going to call Waterloo Regional Police if Ash were to suffer from hurt feelings? What a creep.

But enough about this woke loser. Because thankfully, rugby season is over for the Fergus women and that loony tune male lesbian. Good riddance, you despicable cheaters.

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