'It's not consensual': Female powerlifter tells Piers Morgan women don't want to compete against men

April Hutchinson tells Piers Morgan that female athletes aren't being given the choice of consent when they are forced to compete against biological males.

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Canadian female powerlifter April Hutchinson first stirred up controversy with a seemingly innocent statement: given inherent genetic advantages, biological men should not be competing in women's weightlifting competitions.

Hutchinson made the remarks to Piers Morgan after 40-year-old transgender competitor Anne Andres dominated a women's division and made disparaging remarks about female opponents' skills. Andres even set a new record for the women's division.

In breaking that record, Hutchinson told the host, “athletes have been chasing that for years...so it just goes to show the physiological advantages that a male has over a female.”

Instead of taking action to correct the injustice, the sport's governing body, the Canadian Powerlifting Union, felt Hutchinson was worthy of punishment for speaking out. She now faces a two-year suspension from the sport for acknowledging a basic biological fact.

Hutchinson returned to Piers Morgan Uncensored yesterday, where she told the host that this issue isn't about what someone "identifies" as; rather, it's about physiology.

Comparing her suspension length to what a powerlifter might receive for using performance enhancing drugs, Hutchinson said she's "very upset" and "very hurt" by the Canadian Powerlifting Union's decision.

She accused the federation of using the suspension as a means of avoiding the real issue: "unfairness in sports."

Rebel News is helping April Hutchinson fight back in two ways.

First, you can sign our petition on StandWithApril.com to show your support. Second, we are crowdfunding a lawyer to help her fight this suspension. That same StandWithApril.com page is where you can chip in a donation so we can help fight to keep biological men out of women's sports.

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