It's worse than China | Avi Yemini tells Ezra Levant about lockdown in Melbourne, Australia

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On yesterday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, newest Rebel and Chief Australian Correspondent Avi Yemini joined Ezra to discuss his arrest while covering an anti-lockdown protest in Melbourne, Australia.

Melbourne is under what is considered to be perhaps the strictest lockdown in the free world, with curfews and a heavy police presence enforcing the "Stage 4" restrictions.

Telling Ezra about what the lockdown in Melbourne is like, Avi said: 

When you look at [the Melbourne] lockdown and can compare it to China, our lockdown has been more severe. So when it comes to dealing with COVID-19 [Melbourne] is certainly the most restricted in the world.

Ezra even went so far as to compare the current situation in Melbourne to the protests in Hong Kong (against the Chinese government) that Avi covered. Avi agreed, telling Ezra: 

I've been to protests all around the world and the only other place that I can compare it to, rightfully, is Hong Kong. I was saying this today, the only difference really was tear gas, but their tactics were very similar in the way they tried to pick out and trap person-by-person, and targeting the media.

But like you said, even with all that, in Hong Kong, I'd never been tackled by, what was it, six officers to the ground. It was the most surreal, bizarre situation to in, here in Melbourne, Australia. 

In Hong Kong I probably would have accepted [or] expected it. Not in Melbourne. I'm glad that I was able to capture it on camera so people can see what happens when you give such power to power hungry people.

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