Jagmeet Singh breezes by while RCMP officer tries to block Rebel News reporter from asking questions

The NDP is only okay when police are enforcing their policies.

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Given the fact that some minority communities have much higher rates of vaccine hesitancy, along with accusations of systemic racism within the police force — which could lead to disproportionate enforcement of regulations against minorities — how can it be possible for the NDP's Jagmeet Singh to call for vaccine passports?

"We will convince them,” says Singh to the question of "will you convince [minorities] or coerce them [to take the vaccines]?”

But his policies say the opposite, unless "convincing" means something else in his book.

Apparently, when it's an NDP policy that the police are enforcing, such as not letting Rebel News ask questions or letting unvaccinated individuals earn a living, it's O.K.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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