Jailed Freedom Convoy organizer Pat King says his charges will be dropped because police directed their actions in Ottawa

King, the most controversial figure involved in the organizing of the Freedom Convoy, has been jailed since the protest was ended by a large-scale police operation.

Jailed Freedom Convoy organizer Pat King says his charges will be dropped because police directed their actions in Ottawa
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In an exclusive interview this past weekend, Pastor Artur Pawlowski spoke with Pat King from jail on Canada Day.

In the long-form, unedited interview, King speaks on life in a maximum security facility in Ottawa where he has been held since his arrest on Feb. 18 for his involvement with the Freedom Convoy. King faces several charges for mischief and counselling to commit mischief, among others.

Pawlowski and King touched on several personal topics in the heart-to-heart phone call, including the latest on his upcoming bail hearing in early July.

King told Pawlowski that he “firmly believes that everything’s going to be dropped.” Pawlowski responds later in the call: “maybe soon one day, justice will be served,” with regards to holding those in power accountable for their overreach during the pandemic.

“They're gonna drop all the charges, they have nothing,” says King on the phone. “They have nothing on us. It was their police services that put us where we were, it was their police services that instructed us where to go and what to do… and it’s their police services that are going to be held accountable not us, and they know that. That's why they're trying to bend me, trying to make me bend the knee, and I will never bend the knee.”

In the conversation, King also touches on his newfound faith in God and his motivation behind the convoy protest against the federal government’s heavy-handed COVID measures and vaccine mandates:

Always stand up for the little guy, don't ever let the bullies bully you. Who bullies the bully? When the bully bullies you around too much, who bullies the bully?

This last two and a half years... we've been bullied enough by the federal government and it was time that we decided to take a stand and bully the bully back.

And I believe that… I believe it worked wholeheartedly, we can see that every mandate's been lifted... but now, of course, they make it look like it's their idea even though we know darn well what created this spark for them to drop all of the mandates and everything. Now you don't even hear COVID on the news anywhere.

King has expressed controversial views in older videos that resurfaced during his time protesting, such as mentioning the “White Replacement Theory,” which alleges that people of European descent are being replaced in Western nations through high levels of immigration from non-European countries.

Another video shows King supporting an American-style revolution, saying: “the only way that this is going to be solved is with bullets.”

Last summer, King gained international notoriety following a viral claim made on an American right-wing talk show that he had somehow ended “masking, shots, quarantine in Alberta” during a routine procedural court appearance. King also proclaimed he had forced the Alberta government to admit it had no evidence of the existence of the COVID-19 virus.

Rebel News reviewed the legal documents and transcripts from those court proceedings and ultimately debunked King's assertions.

The nationwide trucker convoy protest, which began in B.C. before finally converging on Ottawa, began as a movement to push back against vaccine requirements for cross-border truckers before morphing into a protest against the remaining COVID restrictions in the country. This included allowing the unvaccinated to travel on planes and trains, allowing Canadians to open up their businesses and to pushing back against controversial vaccine mandates.

In the interview, Pawlowski asks how King's holding up after a stay of over 110 days in jail.

King responded to Pawlowski by telling him that, “Since I’ve been in here, I've given my soul to God and I've really devoted myself now to just helping people in here. Because I can't help people outside right now, so I'm helping a lot of people in here praying every day and making sure that God hears me.”

You can see all of our team’s convoy coverage from when they were following the protests nation-wide at ConvoyReports.com.

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