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JAILHOUSE INTERVIEW: Pastor Art Pawlowski arrested on way to border blockade speaks from behind bars

Pastor Art says he was interrogated about who the leaders of the Coutts blockade are, and told us his speech telling truckers last week to “hold the line” is the reason the cops nabbed him.

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Calgary's renegade pastor, Artur Pawlowski, was taken into custody — the fifth time in less than two years — for the very serious criminal charges of mischief over $5,000 and interfering with critical infrastructure.

He's also in trouble for not keeping the peace related to conditions of a prior arrest. He didn't blow up any pipelines, not that he ever would. He didn't block an ambulance from going to a hospital. He didn't call in a bomb threat to the airport.

Art's crime, according to the vindictive Calgary Police Service, was attempting to travel to the border blockade in Coutts, Alberta, some three hours south of Cowtown.

Truckers and now farmers at Coutts have been blockading the main border crossing for truck traffic between Alberta and Montana off and on for the last 12 days as part of a nationwide movement against lockdown restrictions led by a trucker's convoy that has been in Ottawa since the last week of January.

Supporters of the blockade have been kept away from the Coutts crossing protest site by RCMP, forcing many people into the town of Milk River, 20km up the road.

Art has been a thorn in the side of the pro-lockdown politicians and public health deep state since his first COVID ticket for an illegal public gathering — feeding the homeless on a bitterly cold Calgary winter day.

Since then, he has been ticketed, summonsed, investigated, subjected to secret court orders, arrested, fined, jailed, and slapped with a compelled speech order that required him to give the government's official media talking points when making public statements about the lockdown that required him — again, not that he ever would — limit his church capacity and turn away worshippers.

And now, Art speaks to Rebel News reporter Sydney Fizzard from jail.

He tells Syd he was interrogated about who the leaders of the Coutts blockade are, and told us his speech telling truckers last week to “hold the line” is the reason the cops nabbed him in front of his house this morning in front of his stunned family.

Rebel News and Rebel News viewers have been with Art and his family through it all, helping to fund his enormous legal fees in his battle for freedom from the government at

This time will be no different.

Art's long-time lawyer, Sarah Miller, is already on the case and she has a top-notch criminal lawyer, Chad Haggerty, assisting on the file.

A pastor telling truckers to not waiver as they stand up for the rights and freedoms of Canadians isn't a crime. That's a pastor's job; to tell people they can rely on God when they need to find courage.

To support Art in his legal battles, please visit All donations there qualify for a charitable tax receipt through The Democracy Fund, a registered Canadian charity.

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