Jason Kenney announces new holiday, receives criticism for his handling of past two years

At the premier's stampede breakfast this past Monday, we spoke with those in attendance about Kenney's recent stepping down.

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Being his last Stampede Breakfast as premier, Jason Kenney took the time to announce a new Alberta-centric annual tradition.

We spoke with those in attendance about what they believed led to Kenney's recent stepping down as leader of the United Conservative Party. Some argue that pressure from the opposite end of the political spectrum was the leading force, while others said this was due to his restrictive lockdown measures during “the pandemic”.

“I have no regrets” Jason Kenney says, in relation to his time as premier. We asked him about a church in Edmonton that now faces an $80,000 fine for refusing the momentary entry of AHS 'health and safety' bureaucrats during service. Kenney claimed to be unaware of the situation.

“I don't know anything about the case, all I'll say is, nobody is above the law.”

After Kenney's media scrum, we spoke with Alberta MLA Todd Loewen, UCP leadership candidate, about the premier, and the issues he sees facing the province.

“We’ve seen a lot of mistakes made and we’ve seen the- kind of a lack of humility, and a lack of understanding of what everyday people are going through, and that was something that led to the premier having to step down.”

To find out who will replace Jason Kenney as the UCP Leader, head to UCPLeadership.ca.

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