Jewish teachers, students, and their allies say to school board: enough is enough when it comes to antisemitism!

Being a Jewish teacher or student at a Toronto District School Board school is not pleasant these days. Indeed, since the Oct. 7, 2023 massacre in Israel, antisemitism has skyrocketed at TDSB schools.

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Last Tuesday the TDSB had a meeting to add so-called “anti-Palestinian racism” to their woke anti-racist agenda. We’re not making this up. 

Hundreds of demonstrators gathered outside the TDSB headquarters in north Toronto demanding that the board get serious about antisemitism, be it harassment and anti-Jew graffiti to outright physical assaults.

And the response by the board? Nothing. Actually, that’s not quite true.

It would appear their demands fell on deaf ears as the “anti-Palestinian racism” motion was carried at the board meeting later that evening. 

In any event, Rebel News reached out to the TDSB with four important questions:

  1. Why is the TDSB turning a blind eye to antisemitism in its schools as the demonstrators allege?

  2. What is driving the need for the TDSB to give special recognition to “anti-Palestinian racism”?

  3. Can you document the number of incidents of “anti-Palestinian racism” occurring at TDSB schools?

  4. There seems to be a double standard at the TDSB when it comes to bullying based on identity politics. For example: when a Muslim girl alleged six years ago that her hijab had been torn, the TDSB organized a press conference.

The mayor, premier and even Prime Minister Justin Trudeau weighed in on the matter. This incident turned out to be a hoax. 

But when Jewish students at Faywood School are bullied (including having stones thrown at them) the boys’ parents say the TDSB is doing nothing to ensure their safety nor punish the bullies. 

Why the double standard?

Shameful. You’d think educrats would know better.

At time of posting, the TDSB had not responded. So much for “anti-racism.” So much for “zero tolerance for bullying.”

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