Joe Rogan calls out media for blaming the SUV in Waukesha Christmas parade attack

“Did the car go haywire? Did the auto-driving feature go nuts and just plowed into the crowd?”

Joe Rogan calls out media for blaming the SUV in Waukesha Christmas parade attack
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Joe Rogan is no fan of the corporate press, and has slammed it for its failure to properly cover the Waukesha massacre. Multiple outlets, including CNN, NBC and CBS, hosted commentators who falsely described the attack as a mere “crash” or an “accident” despite details showing the attack was deliberate.

Six people, including eight-year-old Jackson Sparks, were killed when a driver plowed his SUV into a crowd of Christmas parade marchers on November 21, 2021. Over 60 others were injured in the vehicular rampage. On Thursday, flags will fly half-staff to honor Sparks and the other victims killed in the attack, NBC15 reported. A private family burial will be held on Friday.

“The guy in Wisconsin had tried to run over his fu*king girlfriend and he was out on only $1,000 bail,” said Rogan of the suspect, Darrell Brooks. “He tried to kill somebody with a car, he was out on $1,000 bail, and then he runs over 50 people in a car.”

As detailed by Rebel News, 39-year-old Darrell Brooks, a Milwaukee resident, was identified as the driver of the vehicle.

“Here’s the fu*ked up part: the way they’re covering that story in the news. It’s not the ‘man who killed those people,’ it was an accident that was caused by an SUV,” Rogan said, referring to the slanted coverage.

“A fu*king SUV caused an accident? What are you saying? Did the car go haywire? Did the auto-driving feature go nuts and just plowed into the crowd? No, this evil man with real problems — a really psychologically fu*ked human being drove into a crowd of strangers.”


Rebel News reported that the alleged assailant, Brooks, was out on a $1,000 bond for a November incident in which he allegedly tried to run over a woman, who was hospitalized for her injuries. In a previous case, Brooks was charged with two felony counts of second-degree recklessly endangering the safety of others with a dangerous weapon.

Brooks, who also admitted to being a child sex trafficker, uploaded numerous social media posts voicing his hatred of Republicans and law enforcement. Crucially, Brooks expressed his hatred of white people and his desire to hurt them.

As detailed by Paul Joseph Watson on Summit News, multiple news outlets described the attack as an “accident” or a mere “parade incident,” as if some people merely did something.

Immediately following the attack, CNN baselessly claimed that the attacker was fleeing another crime scene. No such evidence for the claim, which appeared to place the blame on local law enforcement to diminish the attacker’s responsibility, ever materialized. Police later declared that the attack was not preempted by any pursuit by law enforcement.

Notably, Brooks could have gone down any other street without having to go through the parade route.

Darrell Brooks now faces six first-degree charges of intentional homicide over the Waukesha Christmas massacre.

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