John Doyle takes on 'Drag The Kids To Pride' in Dallas: 'Texas is going blue!'

'Decades prior had failed to stop women from taking birth control, they failed to stop pornography from permeating all throughout society, and now it's to the point where they literally want to r*pe your kids,' Doyle told Rebel News.

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Rebel News was outside the gay cocktail bar Mr. Misster where, on Saturday, June 4, people gathered outside to protest the venue’s event allowing children inside to dance with drag queens. Counter-protesters also showed up to confront the protesters.

Mr. Misster, a gay bar located in downtown Dallas, Texas, courted controversy after announcing it they would host an event allowing young children to dance with drag queens. Videos obtained inside the venue showed sexually explicit dancing by drag queens as minors watched on, and even received encouragement by parents to throw money at the performers.

Comedian and commentator Alex Stein (@AlexStein99) attempted to enter the venue, but was denied access by the employees of the bar. While interacting with them, the counter-protesters repeatedly attempted to grab his cellphone and cover his camera.

One counter-protester attempted to strike him with a flag.

Stein also unmasked a counter-protester revealing what appeared to be a hidden earpiece, and later confronted one of the dancers outside the venue over the events that took place inside.

Rebel News spoke with Tayler Hansen (@TaylerUSA), who described the actions of both the parents and people inside the venue as “disgusting.”

Hansen and his girlfriend were also physically assaulted outside the venue as they were spat on by a counter-protester later identified as John Joseph Dean, a cyber security senior system engineer with Southwest Airlines. 

Rebel News spoke with John Doyle, host of the show Heck Off Commie, who was also present at the protest.

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